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ASSAM- The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center Website Services Usage Agreement


Article 1)

ASSAM-The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center website provides information about the conditions for the use of all online services it offers over the internet network in order to carry out many useful works such as announcing its services, expanding its activities, increasing cooperation and coordination among its members.


Article 2)

The scope of this agreement consists of the rights and duties of all services that Assam makes available on the "www.assam.org.tr" website and sub-domains, whether those who use this site as a visitor, site member or only newsletter subscriber, and the conditions that they must comply with. 


Article 3)

ASSAM refers to the Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center.

ASSAM website refers to "www.assam.org.tr" domain name and "assam.org.tr" subdomains.

ASSAM member refers to those who are officially members of the ASSAM .

ASSAM website member refers to those who are members of ASSAM website even if they are not officially members of the association. They can also be identified as a website user. From time to time, "the user" expression will be used in this agreement instead of the ASSAM website member .

ASSAM Council member refers to those who serve in the bodies (which are included in the ASSAM Charter) of ASSAM.


Article 4)

a) ASSAM membership and ASSAM website membership should not be confused. In ASSAM website membership, documents requested in ASSAM membership are not requested and anyone can become a member of the website. ASSAM membership can be gained by fulfilling the conditions specified in the ASSAM Charter as a result of the application made by filling out the official ASSAM membership form.

b) You can register on the ASSAM website by filling out the online registration form on the site. Only the accuracy of the email address is checked from the information provided. Other information is not checked. Those who cannot provide a valid email address cannot use the services on the site.

c) The information provided by the user at the time of registration is only used on the website and this information is not provided to third parties in any way for or without benefit.

d) Any information and documents available in open sections of the ASSAM website or in special sections for members may not be used, quoted, shared for commercial purposes, partially or completely copied by users, and all rights to use belong to ASSAM. These actions can only be allowed if they have written permission.

e) By becoming a member, the user agrees that ASSAM sends him notifications by email from time to time and newsletters at regular or irregular intervals. Newsletter membership may be restricted or cancelled entirely by the user.

f) The provisions of this usage agreement may develop over time and changes may be made as deemed appropriate. These changes are announced to users on the ASSAM website.

g)Anyone who uses the ASSAM website or is a member of the site also agrees to these terms.