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September 11 Tragedy

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‘Human memory is hooked on amnesia’. Man forgets quickly. Also, if the incident does not directly concern him, he forgets even more quickly, and he does not even realize it at all. An important event must be written down and read over and over again so that it is not forgotten.

Let's remember the events of September 11 in the USA. On September 11, 2001, 4 passenger aircraft were hijacked. One of the aircrafts makes a suicide attack at 08:46 on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, to the north. At 09.23, the south tower is attacked with the second aircraft. The second attack is being broadcast live to the whole world. The whole world is watching in horror with the collapse of the towers, the people fleeing for their lives, the black smoke that covers New York, with a good narrative mise-en-scene. The third attack is made on the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) at 09:57. For some reason, there is no destruction in the Pentagon building, as in the collapse of giant towers, but minor damage. It was not broadcasted live. The fourth aircraft crashes into a wasteland in Pennsylvania (not inhabited ground). While these events were taking place, US President George W Bush was reading the story ‘scapegoat’ to children in a school (in any case, what will be done will be based on this). Although the White House chief of staff says ‘USA is under attack’ in Bush's ear, G. W. Bush continues to tell the 'scapegoat' story without any hesitation.

‘Al Qaeda’ claimed responsibility for the attacks in the USA. This organization was founded earlier (in 1988) after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The USA supported this organization. In the September 11 attacks, 2996 people died. At the end of the attack, the USA started a great propaganda with the lie of ‘Islamic terrorism’. US President G. W. Bush issues a call to all the leaders around the world. Bush, saying ‘you are either with us or against us (‘Islamic terrorism’) told world leaders to ‘choose their side’.


1- The USA has created an 'Islamophobia' by deceiving the nations of the world with a widespread propaganda and a so-called ‘Islamic terror’ lie.

2- Nations feared that terrorism would spread, not just in certain areas (Middle East).

3- The USA Occupied AFGHANISTAN on October 7, 2001 (26 days after September 11), under the pretext of punishing al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden.

Unfortunately, Türkiye also participated in the invasion of Afghanistan with 1800 military personnel (within ISAF).

4- Nearly 100,000 people died in the US invasion of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has become impoverished, 20 million of the 30 million Afghans working for $1.5 a day.

5- USA Occupied IRAQ on March 20, 2003.

US President G.W. BUSH started the 2nd Gulf War, claiming that “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction". THE USA OCCUPIED IRAQ.

6- During the nine-year occupation, more than 1 million Muslims were massacred. Muslim women and girls were raped. One million widows, 5 million orphaned children, 6 million refugees will be remembered as the painful and tragic outcome of this occupation and it will be remembered as a black mark against the USA in history.

During this 9-year occupation, the United States could NOT PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT THERE ARE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN IRAQ, despite the fact that it has all the potentials.

7- The USA paved the way for the so-called 'KURDISH STATE' to be established.

8- The USA paved the way for the PKK to become stronger in Northern Iraq.

9- Iraq was divided into three parts. The Greater Middle East Project began to be realized phase by phase.

10- The USA is trying to do in Syria what it did in Iraq. The Greater Middle East Project continues to be implemented. Just as the PKK MADE TROUBLE FOR TURKEY in Northern Iraq, the YPG MADE TROUBLE FOR TURKEY in Northern Syria.

11- Turkish intellectuals should see these dirty plots, National unity and solidarity should be ensured.

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