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Importance of Hagia Sophia Mosque

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I have always advocated the reopening of the Hagia Sophia Mosque and will continue to do so.

The reason for this is very simple and clear. Because Hagia Sophia is the sword right of Sultan Mehmet, the conqueror of Constantinople, and it was dedicated as a mosque by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. This cannot be changed until doomsday. Nobody has the right and authority to change this.

Unfortunately, it has been turned into a museum by the heedless, who do not fear of Allah and do not know the law.

Also, Hagia Sophia is a symbol. It is a symbol of the city of Constantinople being taken from Byzantium and included in the Muslim lands. Istanbul will remain as a Muslim land until the doomsday.

Today's West, representing Rome at that time, made two major moves in our land. First, translating the adhan into Turkish, and second, making Hagia Sophia a museum. Although these two issues seem very simple in appearance, they have deep political meanings. With the destruction of adhan, the slogan of Islam was destroyed, and with the transformation of Hagia Sophia, the conquest revenge of Constantinople was taken. In fact, the transformation of Turkish society was realized by gradually brainwashing, with the western civilization accepted as an exemplary civilization. Unfortunately, the generation of Mankurt, who denied their lineages, unaware of their ancestors who arranged the world with its magnificent civilization, has sprung up.

As Yusuf Kaplan said; "The reason for the existence of this society is Islam. After this society became Muslim, it started to form not only the history of Islam, but the history of the world.”

Islamic belief, values our people, if you assign the motto of our land is dismantling what remains is nothing other than Turkey, which is a western satellite.

Thousands of thanks to God, the struggles that have been fought with heart and soul for years have begun to yield results; First, the adhan began to be heard loudly all over the country. Then Hagia Sophia Mosque was opened to worship again.

The target to be taken as an example is no longer the Western civilization, but the true and exact civilization of Islam.

Today again, thank God, we have rulers who do not fear the hegemonic powers of the world and want to live and keep their values alive. The political authority has fulfilled its duty regarding slogans. From now on, it will be with the will and determination of our nation. It is seen urgently and indispensable that we engage in educational mobilization to return to our noble and honorable civilization from the wretched, miserable, rotten, imperialist, colonial civilization of the West. Because, unfortunately, as a result of the destruction that has been done so far, almost five million of our young generation, whose number is about seven million, have severed the bonds of belonging to the spiritual roots of our country and Islam.

Our duty is not simple and easy. Again, we have to start an intensive educational mobilization to return to Islam.

This mobilization has to be altogether. Not just government and education institutions, not just family. Together with the government, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and families, we should show the example of the new resurrection to the whole world.

With the permission of Allah...

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Gürcan ONAT

30 Haziran 1959 tarihinde Adapazarı'nda doğmuştur.

Memleketi: Akyazı/Sakarya.

30 Ağustos 1981 yılında Hava Harp Okulundan Teğmen rütbesi ile mezun olmuştur.

1999 yılında Binbaşı rütbesindeyken kendi isteği ile emekli olmuştur.

Emekli olduğu günden itibaren sivil toplum örgütleri ile hemhal olmuştur.

ASDER, ASSAM, SADAT kuruluşlarında emek sarf etmiştir.

Halen Fatih/İstanbul'da ikamet etmekte olup, kendini vakıf ve dernek hizmetlerine vakfetmiştir. 


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