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Russian Soldiers Thought It Was Military 'Drill'! The Truth Revealed During Interrogation!

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine shared the videos and images of captured Russian soldiers. The Russian soldiers in the interrogation said that they were deceived and said, “There was a drill, that's why we came here.”


In the video shared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, it was revealed that Russia deceived the soldiers sent to Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities shared images of soldiers who were injured or killed since the first day of Russia's invasion, and interrogated those who could speak. When the videos were taken and the location was not shared, some Russian soldiers in the interrogation said, “They said there was a drill, and that's why we came. They deceived us, we do not want to battle.”

Another remarkable point was that one of the soldiers in the interrogation was a new soldier and he did not even remember the name of his unit. The same soldier answered the question of “How many days have you been in Ukraine?” as “Two weeks”. Another soldier said, “We want to go home, we do not want to battle.”


British newspaper The Guardian found the families of the Russian soldiers who said, “We were deceived” during the interrogation process. Three family members of the soldier, who introduced himself as Paktishev, said that they were shocked by the shared images. Paktishev's sister, Yelena Polivtseva, explained that she did not know that her brother was in Russia:

“They sent me the footage of my brother's capture at night. I was completely shocked. I did not know he was fighting there. I knew my brother was in the army, but I did not know he was sent to Ukraine. I do not think he is aware of that either.'”



The Russian administration has not yet made a clear statement about the videos shared by the Ukrainian authorities. The Ministry of Defense of Russia only said last night, “Some of our comrades were killed and captured wounded. But the number of Ukrainian nationalists eliminated is far greater than Russia's casualties.”

In the Russian invasion, good faith is on side of Ukraine. ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür stated that Russia, which is 10 times stronger militarily and technologically than Ukraine, made a strategic mistake in Ukraine and also said, “Russia may experience a similar defeat just it experienced in Afghanistan or other countries.” 


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