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Metin Gürcan and the Truth Behind Him

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Whenever there is someone who tries to do something good in our country, they are either eliminated or defamed.

Just a few days ago, when four heroic young IHH Volunteers were martyred in a bad traffic accident on the road to Bursa, the technology murders of the past came to mind.

Assassinations of ASELSAN engineers, Turkish Scientists assassinated in THY's Isparta Plane crash, Assassinations of Hablemitoğlu and Eşref Bitlis…

These were all damages to Turkey's arising goals.

However, they failed. The science heroes who say, “We die as one, we born thousand”, broke the bad luck of the Turkish nation with the technology they put forth.

Again, all eyes are on Turkey, which is located in the diplomatic and economic center in its region. For this, the USA put a sack on the head of the Turkish soldier serving in Sulaymaniyah. It tried defamation. But it failed. Although the opposition raised this issue, the prudent Turkish people did not give credit to it.

December 17-25, MIT incidents, Gezi attempts, Çukur movements and finally July 15…

Again, it was not successful with foresight…

Turkey has started to show its presence not only in its immediate region, but also in AFRICA and ASIA.

Syria, Libya and Karabakh were the first fronts where western imperialism collapsed.

ASRICA “ASIA-AFRICA” axis had begun to form.

Those who were successful in the events at our aircraft factory, Devrim Automobile, and Ship Engine Factory in the past failed this time.

They would have to develop a new discourse and action. Otherwise, Turkey's unstoppable rise would be their fall. For this, organizations such as the US strategy company RAND Corporation, the British Tavistock Institute and CAI started to target people, institutions and organizations that are the leader of this rise.

They started to do these most effectively with our paid strategists. It is hard to believe, but unfortunately, they started to do this with people who look like us.

Here is one of them and the one that has been revealed, Metin Gürcan! Hearing this name, I feel like some of you are saying, “Is not it too early” to make a definitive judgment?

No, it is not too early. Let me give a very simple example. Remember the US private military company, the new name ACADEMY, formerly Black Water, and the Russian company WAGNER, in the same vein.

These companies cause blood and tears in every country occupied by the US and Russian soldiers.

They are the ones who ignited the civil wars by supporting the separatist and opposition groups in the country saying “We will bring peace and democracy”.

These companies have undertaken to exploit their national capital and resources by organizing the countries of the region with wrong strategies.

A group of patriots, who are aware of all this, established a military consultancy company under the name of SADAT Defense in order to transfer the knowledge and experience they gained in the Turkish Armed Forces to the activities of organization, supply and training the armies of Islamic Countries.

Companies like Black Water and Wagner actually support the conflicts. SADAT Defense, on the other hand, tries to contribute to their organization in unity and solidarity without making them conflict with each other according to their national, moral, cultural and geographical positions.

This was the moment of truth. The killers of like and reputation started to defame SADAT Defense by putting the traitors among us into action.

Metin Gürcan, which is the subject of our article title, is a very important issue. Metin Gürcan was slandering SADAT Defense based on false and wrong information in all the TV shows he attend.

Daily Sabah columnist Merve Şebnem Oruç shared the information contained in the Rand Corporation report with the public; “While the report makes five references to Soner Çağatay, five to Amberin Zaman and two to Abdullah Bozkurt, there are 39 references to Metin Gürcan. In other words, the person who contributed the most to the creation of the RAND Corporation report from Turkey, with or without notice, is Metin Gürcan.”

According to an article in Aydınlık Newspaper;

“Metin Gürcan worked for many years in the southeast and across the border. After the incident where a sack was placed on our soldiers' heads in Sulaymaniyah in 2003, he was dismissed from the Special Forces for giving a 'Tea Party' to the American soldiers who raided the Turkish headquarters. The USA prepared a master program for Gürcan as a reward. Gürcan was recruited into National Security Affairs, where only Americans were accepted. Studies were conducted on how to divide Iraq and how to establish the Kurdish State. It is also stated that he served as an external consultant to the Chief of General Staff for a period. Despite his young age, he has important connections in America.” 

Of course, it is also a doubt that someone who has suspicions about someone directed by the USA, who did not destroy the AK Party power with coups and street actions, is on the founding board of DEVA Party.

Metin Gürcan, on whom all these dark spots are on, seems to be the real reason for the rhetoric against SADAT Defense, an organization that could put an end to the existence of western bloodsuckers in this region.

Metin Gürcan, who received dollars and euros in envelopes, seems to be the spokesperson of these strategy organizations in Turkey.

The arrest of Metin Gürcan with such dubious allegations brought to mind the question of who and by which institutions those who acted with lies and slander against SADAT Defense were directed.

Metin Gürcan will be a light to the foresight of this nation, which is thought to be unconscious. Metin Gürcan is a spark of the revealing of the imperialist masters' toys in Turkey.

It is not long before the imperialist collaborators among us are revealed one by one.

In the meantime, the important issue is that our beloved nation does not give credit to these lies and slanders until these traitors are revealed.

Another thing is; Let's see what other funded media spin-doctors like Barış TERKOĞLU, Erk ACARER, Caner TAŞPINAR, etc. will write… We will see!

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