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First to Turkish Justice, Then to Divine Justice

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28 February Postmodern Coup

In the early 90s, the CIA-NATO gang convinced the Laicistic-Secular segment in Turkey that it was time to “ban all symbols that evoke Islam and stop Muslims from taking part in public offices” in the public opinion, as part of the Moderate Islam Project.[i]

Thus, they would hit two birds with one stone;

  1. The patriotic Muslim people would be isolated from the state administration in both politics and bureaucracy. Banning the Welfare Party… With the accusation of reactionarism and dismissal from civil service without trial, very serious injustices were committed until the early 2000s.
  2. FETO, which has been prepared by the CIA since the 70s, would be provided with the opportunity to settle in cadres in all fields (especially the Muslim section expelled from the public sphere), especially in the Armed Forces, Police Force, National Intelligence Organization, Judiciary and National Education. Collaborating with the Laicistic-Secular segment, FETO skillfully placed its own members in the vacancies of those dismissed under the label of reactionarism.

While the postmodern coup, briefly known as 28 February, caused serious traumas to the religious people, it did not take long for the Laicistic-Secular people to wake up from the euphoria of victory. They started to be evicted from the Turkish Armed Forces by FETO with trials such as Sledgehammer and Ergenekon. In other words, the snake they had grown started to bite them too.

The Laicistic-Secular community, which has always been hostile to religion and religious people, has never been able to realize that the religious people, who constitute the majority of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, do not have enmity towards them.

[i] http://fetogercekleri.com/ust-akil/

'Postmodern Coup' Did not Go Unpunished

The perpetrators of the 28 February period, known as the "postmodern coup" in Turkish political history and then brought about the resignation of the Prime Minister Erbakan, did not go unpunished as a result of the trials held by independent courts.[i]

28 Şubat cezasız kalmadı

The Ankara 5th High Criminal Court, which tried and convicted the "postmodern coup-plotters", announced the justified decision of the case on July 3, 2018.

In the decision, “it is understood that some of the defendants had previously secretly conspired to carry out the act of forcibly dismissing the government or forcibly preventing it from serving in the incident at issue.”

FETO and Terror

The Republic of Turkey could not stop to be a third world country until it got rid of the CIA-NATO-controlled FETO, which constantly leaked intelligence from the interior to out, manipulated state institutions, made mistakes in foreign policy and humiliated the country in the international arena. It was not easy to clear the parallel structure established and secretly organized by FETO, of which betrayal was understood in the period after the 2000s, from the institutions of the state.

FETÖ has worked closely with PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG and DHKP-C terrorist organizations established and used by the CIA.[ii]

Until the 15th of July, after the failed coup attempt, while a large part of the Parallel Structure was cleared, some of them were still camouflaged and making moves in critical periods of time.[iii]

FETO Failed Coup Attempt Cases

Of the 289 cases filed regarding the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016, 265 were decided by court committees, while the trial of the defendants continues in 24.[iv]

After FETO coup attempt, more than 100,000 investigations were carried out by the public prosecutors' offices.

After the completion of the investigations, 265 of the 289 cases filed to bring the coup-plotters before the judge have been concluded so far.

In the cases that ended, 3664 defendants were sentenced, of which 2260 were sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the cases whose trials were completed, 1206 defendants were sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment. Of the defendants, 17 were sentenced to life imprisonment 141 times and 1 to life imprisonment 140 times. The courts, which gave aggravated life imprisonment for 1 defendant 137 times, sentenced 31 defendants 4 times, 4 defendants 3 times, 2 defendants 28 times to aggravated life imprisonment.

Among those sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment were former 71 generals, 813 officers, 172 non-commissioned officers, 49 specialist sergeants and 4 police officers.

The courts, which sentenced 1054 of the defendants to life imprisonment, including 20 former generals, 396 officers and 117 non-commissioned officers, sentenced 1404 people to prison sentences ranging from 1 year and 2 months to 20 years.

Court committees decided to acquit 2609 defendants in the completed cases. In 24 of the cases, the trials are still ongoing.

What has changed in the Fight Against Terrorism after July 15?

The failed coup attempt on July 15, organized by members of the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO), was suppressed as a result of the courage and determination of the Turkish people. After the coup attempt, important developments took place in the fight against terrorism. Terrorist organizations got heavy damage with the Euphrates Shield, Operation Olive Branch and Operation Peace Spring.[v]

After the failed coup attempt of July 15, 2016, Turkish security institutions faced a series of security challenges. Among these difficulties, there are terrorist organizations that test the combat readiness of the Turkish security forces. The main security institution which fights against terrorism interior and outside of Turkey is the Turkish Armed Forces. For this reason, the combat readiness of Turkish Armed Forces was questioned as 44 percent of the generals and admirals who took part in the coup attempt were discharged from the army right after the coup attempt. It is a frequently expressed claim that the discharge of many FETO members from the army will have a negative impact on the combat power of the TAF. Contrary to expectations, Turkish security forces have been fighting against PKK and DAESH elements more effectively since August 2016, and they were even able to organize a large-scale cross-border operation in northern Syria.[vi]

The efficiency of operations can be attributed to two factors:

  1. Elimination of preventive activities after the discharge of FETO members from the security forces
  2. The government's rapid reorganization of security institutions

Although there is frequent rotation in units actively fighting terrorism due to discharges, it can be stated that operational continuity is maintained.

The terrorist organization PKK has been killing innocents for 35 years.

The separatist organization, which continued its massacres targeting people under the name PKK/KCK in Turkey and Iraq, YPG/PYD in Syria and PJAK in Iran, was trying to change the demographic structure by forcing people to migrate in the occupied areas.[vii]

After the elimination of preventive activities of FETO from the security forces, the three successful cross-border operations carried out since 2016, Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, and Peace Spring operations and structures such as the Terrorist organizations PKK and DAESH, which are the mercenary companies used by international forces to redesign the Middle East region, have also been destroyed.

Turkey can operate on more than one front!

Today, after the restructuring of the security forces, the Republic of Turkey has taken all kinds of security measures within its borders, but it has now evolved from being a Regional Power to a Global Power.

The Republic of Turkey has recognized its own true power. Turkey has the capacity and will to carry out operations in more than one region beyond its borders.

Today, while the TAF is conducting an operation in Idlib, it is also preparing for an operation in Libya.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that if there is no immediate solution to the situation in the region, Turkey will do whatever it takes in Idlib in northwest Syria.[viii] 

In Libya, after the coup-plotter terrorist Haftar forces did not comply with the ceasefire decision, Turkey took its military measures in the region to the highest level. Warships of the Turkish Naval Forces have been operating in Libya for a while.[ix]

In the Mediterranean, which is as small as 1% of all oceans and the world's seas, the Turkish Navy's growing area of influence and interest extends to the Western Mediterranean and the presence of the navy in international waters disturbs the international communities.

Turkish warships do not need permission from anyone to operate in international waters.

The change in the national security agenda after the level reached by the fight against terrorism is reflected in the agenda of the National Security Council meeting as follows;

1997 NSC agenda

2020 NSC agenda

  1. The reactionary activities of mosques, foundations, associations and sects throughout Turkey will be followed.
  2. Personnel engaged in reactionary activities will be discharged from the army.
  3. Primary schools will be in continuous education for 8 years.
  4. Children who have not completed their 8-year education will not be admitted to Qur’an courses.
  5. The headscarf ban will be enforced in all schools, including imam-hatips
  6. The headscarf ban will be implemented in public institutions and the Turkish Armed Forces, and even headscarved visitors will not be allowed.
  7. Green capital will be followed, the capital collected for reactionary activities and the real estates built will be confiscated.
  8. Legal penalties will be applied to those who collect skins during the Eid al-Adha, with the exception of the Turkish Aeronautical Association.
  9. Iran's cultural and religious activities against Turkey will be followed.
    In Sincan, those who made the theater that denigrated Israel and defended the Palestinian people will be prosecuted. 
  1. Measures against terrorism, particularly PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG, DAESH and FETO, will continue.
  2. Security will be increased in Syria and Idlib.
  3. Turkey will continue to support the Government of National Accord.
  4. The blue homeland will be protected in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  5. Iran-US tension will be followed with common sense.
  6. The Zionist attacks in Palestine will be condemned, the so-called 100-year treaty will be ignored, and the Palestinian people will be protected.
  7. Elazığ earthquake relief work will be followed.
  8. Efforts to prevent terrorist attacks in Somalia, which also affect Turkish citizens, will be followed. 

Does not even the NSC agenda clearly shows the way Turkey has taken in 20 years? In 1997, the National Security Council put aside the country's foreign security, the PKK terrorist organization, what is happening in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria, and declared war on religion and religious people. This is why the country's agenda is dominated by issues such as the soldiers-police-rangers-civilians killed by the PKK and how the country will be divided, while the smallest work for destruction of the PKK is not on the agenda of the National Security Council. Now the NSC is putting the foreign enemies of the Republic of Turkey on the agenda. It plans and executes successfully.

Enemies of Turkey as Global Power

The accusations made by the foreign enemies of Turkey, which has become a global power, and the accusations of the domestic opposition parties completely overlap. The point that is unmistakably clear is that CIA establishes parallel state structures in the countries in our region and forms governments under their own control. Even if a patriotic government can come to power despite all kinds of fraud in the elections, they are committing mind-boggling acts against homeland, let alone taking a single step in favor of the homeland by parallel structures that have settled in the mechanisms of the state. Turkey managed to break this siege at the end of the 2000s and got rid of internal shackles.

The reflection of liberation from these shackles means that Turkey has become a Super Power abroad; The fact that the externally-guided opposition parties in Turkey tells the same stories with their bosses abroad is one of the most obvious proofs of this.

The final stage in Turkey's transformation into a super power passes through the gathering of oppressed Muslim nations around the world under a common will. It is not possible to understand why we ignore the facts such as how many states the United States of America consists of, how many states the European Union consists of, how many states the Commonwealth of Independent States consists of!

ASSAM and SADAT are also targeted

ASSAM Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center is a think tank that conducts exemplary and draft studies by conducting research on what institutional structures might be needed by Islamic countries to gather under a common will and what legislation might be needed by them.

On the other hand, SADAT provides strategic consultancy, reorganization, training and equipment services that will enable Islamic Countries to take their rightful place among the world superpowers as a self-sufficient military power.

All the works of ASSAM and SADAT do not constitute any single criminal element according to the rules of both the Republic of Turkey and international law.


These institutions do not commit any crime, but what should be done if they interfere with the established order of the sovereign powers?


You would accuse them of works they did not do, even associate them with others who harm your own ambitions and declare them all terrorists, right?


Today, attacks against ASSAM and SADAT both internally and externally are incessant.

In summary, if we take a look;

Claim / Slander / Lie

Reality / Truth

SADAT supports, trains and equips terrorist groups and jihadists in Syria.

SADAT has never had any work in Syria.

He is a charlatan who does not file a criminal complaint by applying to the prosecutor's office and spreads such allegations.

SADAT has military training camps.

SADAT has not had camps, training areas, etc. at home or abroad.

Those who made these allegations swallowed their own allegations in the presence of the prosecutor's office and admitted that they had no evidence.

SADAT is the secret army of President of the Republic.

The Republic of Turkey is not a banana republic or a small state in the Middle East. It is a country with thousands of years of ancient tradition and state organization. Internal security is provided by the General Directorate of Security under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and external security is provided by the Turkish Armed Forces under the Ministry of National Defense. An armed entity other than these would be a terrorist organization.

SADAT clearly states what it is doing with its mission and vision.

SADAT has an armed force which consists of 10,000 people.

SADAT is not an armed organization.

It is not a Private Military Company.

It is not a Mercenary organization.

Lies and truths do not disappear.

Ask the claimants for proof.

SADAT is taking terrorist groups from Syria to Libya.

SADAT has no contact with Syria. Those who put forward this slander are terrorists who killed innocent Libyan civilians. These are CIA agent Haftar, its spokesperson is Mismari, the international terrorist financier UAE, and the Russian gang that faced Turkey in Idlib.

Will the President of ASSAM declare Mahdi?

Who is Mahdi?

Are we waiting for Mahdi?

Do not be fooled by the President of ASSAM “waiting for Mahdi (pbuh), Is not there any duty on us? This is what we are doing,” he said and added, “We do not ignore our responsibilities while waiting for Mahdi, but on the contrary, we work for the unification of Islamic countries.”

When they could not find a better excuse to smear, they came up with ridiculous excuses.

ASSAM is working to abolish the Republic of Turkey.

If the Republic of Turkey is not abolished when it joins the European Union, why should it be abolished when it joins the Islamic Countries Union?

ASSAM will amend the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

The draft-model constitution prepared by ASSAM in 2017 was not for the Republic of Turkey, but for the ASRICA Islamic Union.[xi]

ASSAM prepared a model constitution proposal for the Republic of Turkey in 2011.[xii] 90% of the articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, which were submitted to public vote in 2017, match the model proposed by ASSAM.

In other words, we can easily say that “ASSAM has already prepared the 2017 constitution that brought the transition to the presidential system”.


As the glorious Turkish Army does not let the terrorists breathe and make life unbearable for them, their masters attack ASSAM and SADAT.

As long as our army is victorious...

The slanders produced against us cannot leave any small harm…


The laicistic-secular group, which was guided by the enemies of the Republic of Turkey and whose eyes were turned to religious hostility, paid the price for causing great distress with the February 28 Postmodern Coup to Turkish Justice. They will wait for the day of reckoning for the account they will give to divine justice.

The members of FETO, who came under the control of the enemies of the Republic of Turkey and tried to not only waste their own assets but also waste the country in order to lock the government power to the CIA-NATO line, messed up the coup attempt they attempted on July 15, like every other business they attempted, and ultimately gave their account to the Turkish Justice. They will wait for the day of reckoning for the account they will give to divine justice.

While this nation has stepped onto the stage of history again by tearing up its 200-year-old bad fortune today, the laicistic-secular group, who are eager to act in the scenarios written by the enemies of the Republic of Turkey by emulating February 28, should not forget that sooner or later they will give the account first to Turkish Justice and then to Divine Justice.

May Allah always keep us together and keep us on the right path.


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مليح تانريفردي

ولد في عام 1968 في أوسكودار. خريج كلية الهندسة بجامعة أولوداغ، قسم الإلكترونيات.

في عام 1990 بدأ العمل في واحدة من الشركات الرائدة بورصة في قطاع الاتصالات. في حين لم يبدأ استخدام الهاتف المحمول في تركيا. في نهاية عام 1991، أسس هلال تلفون وبدأ في تقديم الخدمات الفنية للهاتف والفاكس وصيانة معدات الهاتف اللاسلكي وإصلاحها.

بين عامي 1995 و1996، أدى خدمته العسكرية قصيرة المدة الدورة 247 في ماماك / أنقرة في مدرسة نظم المعلومات الإلكترونية للاتصالات وقيادة مركز التدريب.

في عام 1997، أسس شركة AKM للاتصالات السلكية واللاسلكية. أصبحت شركة AKM Telekom في عام 2003 (موزع باناسونيك في تركيا) خدمة تكوفاكس المعتمدة، وأصبحت خدمة الصيانة المعتمدة من باناسونيك مباشرة في عام 2009. بين عامي 1997 و2012، عمل كخدمة معتمدة للعديد من العلامات التجارية، بما في ذلك AEG، هاغنوك، سويتل، موتورولا. كانت شركة AKM Telekom حاصلة على شهادة تأهيل مكان الخدمة من معهد الموصفات التركية. قام بنقل ملكية الشركة في أغسطس 2012.

وفي عام 2004، تم انتخابه عضواً في مجلس إدارة غرفة بورصة للإلكترونيات. وبين عامي 2004 و2012، عمل بنشاط كعضو في مجلس الإدارة المسؤول عن المشاريع.

بعض المشاريع التي يدعمها ويمولها الاتحاد الأوروبي تشمل؛

1. أهمية تعليم الميكاترونكس في سوق العمل (Importance of Mechatronic Training in Labour Market)

2. ريادة الأعمال والابتكار لخلق أعمال جديدة خلال الأزمة العالمية (Enterprise As Innovation to Create New Work Places at Time of Global Crisis - InnovaCreaWork)

3. تعليم اللغة الإنجليزية على الرغم من كل السلبيات (English Education Despite All the Negativities - EEDAN)

بين عامي 2004 و2012، عمل كمدرب ومدير في غرفة بورصة للإلكترونيات، مركز تدريب الإلكترونيات للأعمال.

1. موظفو خدمات الحاسوب التقنية

2. إلكترونيات السيارات

3. إصلاح وصيانة أنظمة الأمن الإلكتروني

4. إصلاح وصيانة مقسم الهاتف

5. موظفو الخدمة الفنية للهاتف المحمول

عمل كمدرب ومدير في دورات تتراوح من 360 ساعة إلى 800 ساعة. شارك في العديد من مشاريع التعليم ذات التوجه الاجتماعي مثل (مشروع الدعم الاجتماعي للخصخصة)، (مشروع تطوير التعليم المهني، دورات التدريب المهني في إيشكور.

وقد قام بدور رائد ونشط في إنشاء وتشغيل منصة www.turkiyeelektronikcileri.org، والتي تتضمن تطبيق قاعدة بيانات تفاعلية عبر الإنترنت ومنتديات لتبادل المعلومات حيث يمكن للزملاء العاملين

في الإلكترونيات والفروع التابعة المسجلة لدى غرفة الحرفيين أو التجارة في جميع أنحاء تركيا تلبية الحاجة إلى الدعم الفني، والتخطيطات، وملاحظات الأخطاء، وأدلة الخدمة.

وقد لعب دوراً نشطاً ورائداً في إنشاء موقع www.bursaelektronikpazar.com الإلكتروني، وهو تطبيق إعلاني عبر الإنترنت حيث يمكن لأعضاء غرفة بورصة للإلكترونيين الإعلان عن الخدمات التي يقدمونها والمنتجات التي يبيعونها مجاناً.

أخذ دورا رائدا ونشطا في المشروع المسمى أخضر- أبيض- أزرق وهو أحد مشروعات المسئولية الاجتماعية لغرفة بورصة للإلكترونيات حيث يتم جمع جميع أنواع الأجهزة الإلكترونية غير المستخدمة وتسجيلها ثم تصنيفها وإعطائها للمدارس المحتاجة بعد اجتياز الأجهزة المناسبة للصيانة، الفائض منها التي يمكن تفكيكها في حالة أولئك الذين لا يعملون مع قاعدة بيانات على شبكة الإنترنت من الأجزاء المتاحة والصور والمواصفات الفنية بعد حفظها جنبا إلى جنب مع بورصة، والذي يوفر قطع غيار مجانية لقطاع الصيانة والإصلاح من خلال منحه مجانًا لأعضاء الإلكترونيات في غرفة الإلكترونيات في بورصة. (للتفاصيل www.eatik.org)

بين عامي 2005 و 2012، عمل كخبير في الهواتف اللاسلكية والهواتف المحمولة والكاميرات وأجهزة التصوير في لجان تحكيم المستهلكين في بورصة ومناطقها.

وفي الفترة 2011-2012، عمل كمفوض يمثل اتحاد غرف النقابات في بورصة في "برنامج دعم التعاون" في مديرية مركز خدمات بورصة KOSGEB.

منذ سبتمبر 2012، يعمل كمدير في شركة صادات الدولية للاستشارات الدفاعية والصناعة والإنشاءات والتجارة. كان يعمل في إدارات المالية والاتصالات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات والتوريد والمعدات. تم انتخابه لمجلس الإدارة في مارس 2013. كما شغل منصب نائب المدير العام للأنشطة الإدارية حتى أغسطس 2016. تم تعيينه رئيسا لمجلس الإدارة في أغسطس 2016.

في فبراير 2014، أسس شركة دنيا التريلجة وبدأ أول إنتاج تركي للتجزئة لحويات التريلجة في قطاع الأغذية. تتقدم الشركة باستثماراتها في قطاع الحلويات والمعجنات. وصلت منتجات الشركة إلى إسطنبول وكذلك مرمرة وبحر إيجة بالكامل.

وهو عضو مؤسس وعضو مجلس إدارة أصّام.

متزوج وله 3 أطفال ويتحدث الإنجليزية.


Melih TANRIVERDİ, who is from Akşehir, Konya, was born in Üsküdar / İstanbul in 1968. He graduated from Uludağ University Engineering Faculty Electronics Department.

In 1990, he started to work in one of the leading companies in Bursa in the telecommunication sector. The use of mobile phones has not yet started in Turkey. At the end of 1991, he established the company named Hilal Telefon and started to provide technical service for telephone, fax, wireless telephone maintenance and repair.

Between 1995 and 1996, he did his 247th Short Term Military Service in Mamak / Ankara at the School of Communications Electronics and Information Systems and Training Center Command.

He established “AKM Telekomünikasyon” in 1997. AKM Telekom became Tekofaks' Authorized Service in 2003 (Panasonic Turkey Distributor) and then it became Panasonic Authorized Service in 2009. Between 1997 and 2012, he carried out the authorized service of many brands including AEG, Hagenuk, Switel and Motorola. AKM Telekom had TSI (Turkish Standards Institution) Service Place Competence Certificate. He handed over the company in August 2012.

In 2004, he was elected as a member of the Bursa Chamber of Electronics' Board of Directors. Between 2004 and 2012, he took an active role as a Project Officer Board of Directors Member.

Some of the projects which is supported and funded by the EU he took part in are as follows;

  1. Importance of Mechatronic Training in Labour Market
  2. Enterprise as Innovation to Create New Work Places at Time of Global Crisis - InnovaCreaWork
  3. English Education Despite All the Negativities - EEDAN

Between 2004 and 2012, he worked as an instructor and manager in Bursa Chamber of Electronics, Supreme Electronic Training Center.

  1. Computer Technical Service Personnel
  2. Auto Electronics
  3. Electronic Security Systems Maintenance and Repair
  4. Telephone Switchboard Maintenance and Repair
  5. Mobile Phone Technical Service Personnel

He worked as an instructor and manager in abovementioned courses ranging from 360 hours to 800 hours. He took part in many social education projects such as Privatization Social Support Project, Vocational Education Development Project, İŞKUR Vocational Training Courses.

He was a pioneer and active in the establishment and operation of the www.turkiyeelektronikcileri.org platform, which includes an interactive online database application and information sharing forums where colleagues operating in electronics and affiliated branches registered in the Merchants, Craftsmen or Chamber of Commerce in Turkey can meet the need for technical support, schematics, fault notes, service manuals.

He played an active and pioneering role in the establishment of the website www.bursaelektronikpazar.com, a free of charge and online advertising application where members of the Bursa Chamber of Electronics can advertise the services they offer and the products they are selling.

All kinds of electronic devices that are out of use are collected and recorded, and then the appropriate ones are donated to the schools in need after the maintenance, the ones that are in need and the ones that are inoperable can be disassembled into an online database with photographs and technical specifications after being registered. He played a pioneering and active role in the Green - White - Blue project, which is one of the Social Responsibility Projects of the Bursa Chamber of Electronics, which provides free spare parts to the maintenance and repair sector by providing free spare parts to the electronics members of the Bursa Chamber of Electronics. (For detailed information, www.eatik.org)

Between 2005 and 2012, he worked as an Expert on Wireless Phones, Mobile Phones and Cameras in Consumer Arbitration Committees in Bursa and its Districts.

Between 2011 and 2012, he served as a commission member representing Bursa Chamber of Craftsman Union in KOSGEB Bursa Service Center Directorate Cooperation Power Union Support Program.

Since September 2012, he has been working as a manager at SADAT International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Inc. He worked in Finance, Communication and Informatics, Supply and Equipment Managements. In March 2013, he was elected as a Member of the Board of Directors. Until August 2016, he also served as the Deputy General Manager of Administrative Activities. He was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in August 2016.

In February 2014, he founded Trileçe Dünyası and started first wholesale Tres Leches production in Turkey in the food sector. The company is advancing in the sweet and pastry sector with its investments. The products have reached the entire Marmara and Aegean regions as well as Istanbul.

He carried out studies for the Defense Industry Service Sector in Türkiye to enter the literature and for the export of services in the field of Military Consultancy, Training and Logistics in the New Turkish Century to take its deserved place in Türkiye's exports.

He is Founding Member and Board of Directors Member of ASSAM.

He is married and has 3 children, 5 grandchildren. He can speak English.


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