The Board of Honor consists of 3 original and 3 alternate members. The members of the Honor Board are elected by the General Assembly by secret ballot. Candidates are ranked according to the votes they received. The first 3 people will be the original, and the next 3 will be substitute members. In case of a tie, the draw system is applied. The dignity court examines the status of the members sent to it and decides. The Board of Honor is empowered to impose disciplinary sanctions written in article 32 of the ASSAM Regulation.

Internal Audit

The Association General Assembly, is held by the General Board and the Supervisory Board. The time and form of internal audit performed by these boards are specified in the articles regarding the duties and powers of the boards.

Audit Committee

It consists of 3 original and 3 substitute members. According to the number of votes they receive from the members proposed or nominated for the Supervisory Board, the first three are elected as the original, and three subsequent members are elected as substitute members. A chairman is elected among the members of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board meets quarterly. The task of the original Member, who does not come to the meetings twice in a row or four times in any case, terminates. Substitute members are promoted to the original membership according to the order of votes received by the original member whose membership has fallen.










Vice Chairman


Secretary General

Gürcan ONAT

Vice Chairman


Vice Chairman



Necmettin KELEŞ

General Accounting
Vice Chairman


Vice Chairman


Vice Chairman


Vice Chairman

Duties and Powers of the General Board of Directors;

  1. To form the High Advisory Board, Strategic Working Boards, Studies and Academic Evaluation Commission, Editorial Board for the necessary fields of study, and provide a suitable working environment for these bodies.

  2. To determine the working principles and principles of the Consultation and Strategic Research Organs,

  3. To carry out studies required by the purpose of the association, to take decisions and implement them,

  4. To implement the budget of the association, to design the new budget and to keep its records,

  5. Calling the General Assembly of the Association for ordinary and extraordinary meetings,

  6. To prepare the agenda of the General Assembly meetings,

  7. To execute the decisions taken in the General Assembly regarding the activities of the Association,

  8. To establish or remove additional commissions, boards in matters and fields deemed necessary,

  9. To assign duties and powers to one or more members of the Association in order to carry out the affairs of the Association,

  10. To prepare and enforce internal regulations regarding the internal functioning of the Association and especially the operation of the commissions and boards to be established,

  11. Deciding and authorizing to file a lawsuit on behalf of the association, representing or having the association represented in the lawsuit to be filed,

  12. To carry out other works arising from laws, regulations, internal regulations and General Assembly resolutions.