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Palestinian Liberation Passes Through The Islamic Union

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  • The solution to the problems in the Islamic World is obvious especially in Palestine
  • The Islamic World Is Experiencing Asymmetric World War III
  • The Key to Peace and Tranquility in Islamic Geography is to Unite
  • A different force is needed instead of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which does not serve the purpose of the organization
  • The Islamic World is in urgent need for a new organization that will work independently of the United Nations and certain power centers to help to restore stability in Islamic countries where internal security, foreign security, economic, social and political crises prevail.
  • This may be an institution similar to the Islamic Countries Crisis Management Confederation
  • Crisis Resolution Confederation Organizational Structure
  • The Presidents and the Councils of the Ministers of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Finance of the Confederation Member States should meet periodically to meet the direction and needs of the Confederation Parliament and the Rapid Reaction Force Command/Control Center.
  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) must work more actively. Among Affiliated Institutions; "Ministers of Defense Conference", among the Committees; The "Defense Cooperation Permanent Committee" and the "Defense Industry Cooperation Permanent Committee" should be included.
  • The “Islamic Countries Confederation” should be established by permanently forming the “Parliament of Islamic Countries”, where the Common will of 61 Islamic countries whose authority, facilities, power, structure are specified by the Constitution, laws and statutes, is represented
  • While the efforts of the Islamic Countries to determine the procedures and principles of justice, internal and external security and common foreign policy, which are the main areas of responsibility of the states, “Regional Parliaments of Islamic Countries” should be established, where the common wills of the ethnic and geographically close Islamic States are represented.
  • “Regional Islamic Confederations” should be transformed into Federations by strengthening the central administrations and each of them should be connected to the “Union of Islamic Countries” as a Confederate Union
  • ASSAM - Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center
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