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The Greatest Victory is that which Requires No Battle

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I started my words with the idea that "the greatest victory is that which requires no battle" emphasized by Sun Tzu in his book The Art of War which is published two thousand years ago, written by Sun-tzu ping-fa, a Chinese war strategist and philosopher, and today book is among the most important strategic sources.

In Sun Tzu's philosophy; It is said that the highest effectiveness of knowledge and strategy is to make conflict totally unneeded. "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." Sun Tzu emphasizes that there are many ranks in the martial arts and that the best of them is "to reveal the plans of your enemies."

In the geography under the domination of the Ottoman Empire, the first seeds of destruction were sown by foreign schools opened in the early 18th century, and the plan to destroy started with ethnic nationalism and segregation efforts based on sectarian grounds. In order to achieve this goal, 564 schools were opened in the Ottoman lands by missionaries.

In the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, the "ethnic and cultural leaders" educated in missionary schools deliberately or deceitfully served Western policies and were used as social engineers (sociological actors) in dividing the Ottoman first psychologically, then sociologically, and finally geographically and politically. (1)

With the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the World War I at the beginning of the 19th century, our dominance in the Middle East region ended. The Islamic lands of the Middle East, which were defenseless and abandoned, were occupied by western states, looted and fragmented.

In our geography, which is subject to foreign interventions today, states such as Iraq-Syria-Libya were occupied by the USA and its partners, energy resources were taken under control; The problems were deepened by destroying the dynamics within the country and the region, which was made impossible to solve and these countries have been made politically unstable and insecure. The Middle East has been turned into a battlefield where global powers are presented through proxies.

The policies imposed by the global evil forces on Turkey and Iran, the two historical and cultural dynamic forces of the region, the policies that would trigger the Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict were not implemented by these two countries, and the insidious plans of Western Countries of sectarian separation and destruction were failed. In the Greater Middle East Initiative, which was planned for the region and was partially unsuccessful, thus the geopolitical interests of the EU countries acting together with the USA and Russia have failed.

As a regional power, Turkey already continues its influence as a soft power in the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia (in Turkish geography) and North Africa.

Colonial global evil forces that want to maintain dominance in our region; The United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and their ally Israel have always expressed their discomfort with the policies implemented by Turkey, which has devastated and neutralized their geopolitical and geo-strategic interests.

 Graham E. Fuller, who served as CIA chief of operations in Turkey for 25 years, wrote "Turkey and the Arab Spring"; "In the future, the main struggle within the region will not be the Shiite-Sunni conflict, the main conflict will be a struggle between the Radical-Predecessor Sunnism of the Sunni World without another and, so to say, the Moderate-Democrat-Libertarian Sunnism"(2); In other words, their desire should be evaluated as a plan B of the global evil forces that have given up on the Sunni-Shiite sectarian war.

In order to break down the sociological integrity of a society, different ethnic and religious identities within that society must be made to be excluded. Sociological warfare renders open society primarily on the basis of ethnic differences, and segments of the same ethnic identity are closed to each other by the boundaries specified by loyalty to the congregation, sect and leader. So, it creates a different sect relationship between different congregations and a different religious relationship between different sects. Although members of different congregations and sects do not add an action dimension to this exclusion, they will not be able to demonstrate a religious solidarity above the congregation and sect. (3)

Wahhabism was detached from the Sunni community as a result of British project; It was founded in the 18th century by "Muhammed bin Abdul Vahab" as a sect of creed and deeds. This understanding, which sees themselves as reformers and regenerators of Islam, does not accept the Prophet's intercession.

Approximately 100 years have passed since the first damage to the Islamic unity with the disintegration of the Sunni Islam Sect.

The Islamic ummah, which is sociologically divided on the sectarian (Sunni-Wahhabi) base, is still intended to be divided into even more smaller groups. In other words, Sunni sects and congregations are wanted to be separated by conflicting with each other. The Fethullahist Terrorist Organization, which is trying to haunt our country should be analyzed in this manner. It should not be ignored that FETO, whose foundations were laid 40 years ago, is the plan B of the global evil powers.

Essentially the process of destroying the Islamic unity by breaking the Sunni Islam creed is still going on.

"Members of the same religion are directed to a bigotry who will treat each other as members of different religions under different leaders and congregations." (4)

In the "INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE FETO (Fethullah Gülen)" sect, which is a US-Vatican project and implemented by the idiots separated from the Sunni community; “There is no need to say La Ilahe Illallah Muhammedun Resulullah; It is enough to say LA ILAHE ILLALLAH” and they try to spread the belief of a religion without the Prophet, thus giving another damage to the Sunni Islamic belief and to destroy the unity of the ummah.              

In order to destabilize Turkey, we witnessed the July 15th Treacherous Invasion Initiative, in which the global powers of evil were subjected to internal conflicts and coups thanks to their mobilizing their collaborative dynamics, and how FETO they put on the ground was used and the strategies they tried to implement.


In Sun Tzu's philosophy; It is said that the best of the martial arts is "to reveal the plans of your enemies".

The geography in which our country is located is surrounded outside by the global evil states. The US-Russia-England-Israel and EU countries, which have interests in our region, avoid state-centered wars in order to achieve their goals, and continue their struggles by implementing the Political-Economic-Military plans they have made to win without fighting. For this reason, they are conflicting with the armed paramilitary groups that are under their control, and terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and DAESH, by the non-state actors (PYD-PKK-YPG) they have created.

Turkey, which is a regional power by creating unsafe ethnic micro-autonomous regions with a number of discourses such as the fight against terrorism or the struggle for democracy and freedom, is surrounded and its resistance is wanted to be broken.

On the other hand, by using FETO to break up the Sunni faith, sects and congregations are tried to be conflicted and separated.

At this point, the plans of our enemies were revealed, they were uncovered. Uncovering the plans constitutes the first and most important step in override them.  The way to override plans is to implement counter-operations that will neutralize them. While doing this, soft power elements are as important as hard power elements.

Turkey should continue its efforts with determination by the institutions such as TIKA, Yunus Emre Institute, Maarif Foundation, Red Crescent and Religious Organization abroad. However, the job descriptions of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of National Education should be reconstructed and they should be actively assigned in the fight against the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization.  



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