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Islamic World Seminar Targeted By Global Attack Video Featured

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Islamic World Seminar Targeted By Global Attack Video ASSAM Bursa Semineri

Saturday, November 1, 2014, the seminar "Islamic World at The Target of a Global Attack" was held in the Uftade Conference and Meeting Hall of the Bursa Setbashi library with the Organization of the provincial presidency of ASSAM.

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The presentation by Retired General Adnan TANRIVERDI, president of ASSAM, described the dimensions of the global attack on the Islamic world and the steps to be taken to get the Islamic world out of this situation. Tanrıverdi, who said that the Crusades aimed at the Islamic world continue to change shape;

He said "The Islamic world should realize that the elements of its geography with ethnic and sectarian differences within the unitary structures of countries are being fought with each other and turned into an undeclared, secret, insidious, dirty and asymmetric 3rd World War Zone."

Click here to access the presentation file... The seminar video can be found under the page...


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After the seminar, ASSAM Egypt workshop was held. At the workshop, the current economic and political situation of Egypt was evaluated by the Faculty of Theology of Uludag University, Prof Dr. Ismail Guler and Egyptian Prof Dr. Muhammad Said, Lecturer Islam Omar after addressing the historical, biographical information of Egypt.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014, the seminar "Islamic World in the Target of Global Attacks" was also given to future university students in the meeting hall of the Ilim Yayma Cemiyeti Bursa Tevfik Chuka Dormitory.

İlim Yayma Cemiyeti Bursa Tevfik Çuka Öğrenci Yurdu

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