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After a Meeting: Good News Emerging in the Deep Perception of Strategy.. (January 02, 2014)

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After a Meeting: Good News Emerging in the Deep Perception of Strategy..

There is blood, tears, pain and misery in the world in general, and in the Islamic geography in particular. The oppressed people of this lonely and desolate geography are being pushed into an even more unbearable pain by the imperialist western world with the pain that is renewed every day in the bitter swirl of despair. With the ordeal of desperation, it is drawn into the inextricable depth of a complex and extremely chaotic vortex. In the formation of this ruthless way of thinking, the West not only uses its industrial power, but also use the media, which is an active and effective force in the psychological and sociological engineering operation, which has incredible effects on society, ensuring the continuity of the oppression.


By replacing the perception of bloodshed with new methods that are more painful, the west has directed the compass of the world map, which is aimed at the good, especially through oligarchic juntas, towards darkness and horror. The hegemony of the dirty trap created by the military, the judiciary, capital and the media has taken innocence among its pincers. Collaborative local puppets left in place of military invasions were transformed into a majority more prone to persecution.

In the changing world strategic hinterland, this situation seemed both local and more convincing, and it was a more effective tactic. Since the renewed world development has an acceleration that removes the country borders in between, western strategists have replaced the exploitation systems with a more legal-looking strategy for the welfare of their own people!.. They knew that they could not be the winner of any event that they did not follow or cannot follow. This is why they constantly change their disguises and masks, constantly updating their viable strategies. This is the indicator of the work in terms of the West and its supporters. But the good news is that the dark paradigms of the west began to ruin and the towers in the castles of the modern pharaohs began to collapse one by one...

We are no longer alone intellectually. The curtains of darkness are about to be drawn and replaced by the glorious glow of light.

We are at the turn of a difficult road, the beginning of a very demanding overtime and the eve of longed-for achievements. There is a difference that is difficult to close. We have to mobilize the feasibility of a brand-new strategy to be prepared, without wasting time with the higher initiative of the mind. A skidding vehicle needs either a front pull or a rear propulsive force to go straight. We are on the stage as real players in an arena where our work is difficult and our way is long and where there are all kinds of intrigues. We have no fear, but the distance is long, the moral weight of the mission is heavy and the responsibility is great.

What the West fears is about to happen. The benign moral mindset that they have sterilized for centuries has begun to recover; The ranks of academic, free-thinking people with maneuverability began to form.

The common-sense brain, who taught “Strategy Lessons” at the War Colleges Command, is committed to strengthening the civil initiative and the seed of the great plane tree has started to sprout. The migration of thought, which was made to serve the interests and future of the world, has stopped; perceptions with high spiritual dynamics have entered the wheelhouse; the fires of the houses, which can be seen more clearly from the cockpit, have started to be extinguished. The impetuous west is traumatized. They knock knees together; They put their insidious plans, which they have spread for decades, into effect immediately because of their fears and concerns. However, unforeseen developments have emerged, the bright shine of the sun has begun to be seen, a warm and natural dress has been worn instead of a dirty dress that has no protection. The door of the magnificent palace was opened and the rising steps were seen, the wind of cruelty that has been blowing for centuries on earth has left its place to the coolness of the morning wind that has arisen in the hearts.

Thankfully, time is working in our favor with great affection, and our Lord's real help and blessings are showing us the traces of absolute bliss right next to us. The ‘resistance formed by our knowledge’, which is the state that the imperialist mentality fears most, is increasing day by day. We have brains that can follow the world, which is now a mega-village, to synthesize new emerging doctrines. We can follow a structuring from the military field to institutionalism, where environmental awareness grows, with an industrial mentality. Thankfully, our ‘Strategy Developing Centers’ were established that will destroy the think-tanks of the West. We can subject events to a ‘Critical-Analytic’ questioning with their innermost depth. The persecution of Muslims by people who are arrogant around the world has drawn us into a more active and effective role. Our role gains strength by growing and developing in a good that seems evil. We have no shortcomings other than the necessity of holding on with all our might to the preparations for this spiritual victory, which includes ‘great ideals’ without ever being hopeless. No situation is a dream that cannot be achieved. We have no choice but to apply the consciousness of this holy operation on behalf of the world in general and our country in particular. We have to experience the deep pleasure of being one without falling into the metaphorical perceptions of hurtful and resentful emotions.

We are in the position of a light that illuminates the most acute darkness. The effort to glorify the right without getting involved in the incredible pollution of politics should be an inseparable condition and an energy measure that encourages us. Without attributing holiness to the work, we must determine a place for ourselves in a brand new, metaphysical maturity with high spiritual decoration and pass the levels one by one.

I have no doubt that the ASSAM (Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center), which I see as a high-energy movement appealing to the perception of the modern world, will open the doors of a new era. Negative strategies or treacherous traps set for Muslims are in dire need of counter-power, reforming and reorganizing strategies. “ASSAM ALSO UNDERTAKES THE FUNCTION OF BEING THE FIRST BUILDING BLOCK ON THE MODERN WORLD SCALE AS A STRUCTURAL MISSION.” Therefore, as much as it needs more work, it also undertakes the task of self-sacrifice and following the world conjuncture closely.

The ‘sound of the future’ began to make its way from our souls to our hearts. When it reaches us as a power with the virtue of reason and faith, the world will no doubt breathe again and say hello to a bright morning.

As long as we can feel the ‘reconstructive feature of the strategy’ as a harbinger of heaven in our hearts.

On this occasion, I pray to Allah that the ASSAM JUSTICE DEFENDERS STRATEGIC STUDIES CENTER High Consultation Meeting, which was held for the first time, will be beneficial for our country.

Effort is from us; success, achievement and result are only a blessing from the Lord of the Worlds.

With warmest regards.

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