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ASSAM Press Release On The Presidential Election

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We hope that the results of the presidential elections held on May 28, 2023 will be beneficial for our state, our nation and the Islamic world.

In addition, he was praised by the Prophet (pbuh), the prophet of Hazrat Eyyub al-Ansari (r.a.), the share of Mehmed the Conqueror and his army; one of the peaks of the conquests, the conquest of Istanbul (May 29, 1453), which took place with the consciousness of i'la-i kalimatullah, i'zaz-i din and nizam-i alem; we congratulate the 570th anniversary and declare that we are in the joy of experiencing two happiness together in such a date.

We are grateful to have successfully stepped into the first step of Türkiye within the scope of 2023-2053-2071 targets and to have come one step closer to Kızılelma. Congratulatory messages from all over the Islamic world undermine our gratitude and brotherhood. In the next period, our focus will be to continue our work within the scope of the Century of Türkiye (Türkiye Yüzyılı) strategy targets such as justice, equity, merit and perfection.

On this occasion, we announce the 7th International ASSAM Islamic Union Model Congress, which is planned to be held online on December 23-24 at the end of 2023 with the main theme of “Determination of the Principles and Procedures of the Joint Justice System for the Islamic Union”.

Respectfully announced to the public opinion.

ASSAM Board of Directors

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