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Town Musicians of Bremen in the Shadow of the ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses

Written by Arif ÇELENK
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The 3rd ASSAM Islamic Union Congress was held in Istanbul on December 19-20, 2019 under the leadership of President of ASSAM Adnan TANRIVERDİ.

Of the meetings held for the development of the Islamic Union for 3 years;

The first congress was discussed in 2017 with the theme "Determination of the Legislation of the Governing Form and Organs for the Islamic Union" and was carried out with the participation of representatives and academicians from 27 Islamic Countries... It has been confirmed for the first time that the necessity of each Islamic Country to establish a Ministry of Islamic Union has been expressed and recorded as an important achievement.

The second was discussed in 2018 with the theme "Determination of Economic Cooperation Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union". Representatives and academicians from 29 Islamic Countries participated. The recording of the mention of a common market and a common currency was an important political gain.

The third congress was held in December 2019. Although this year's topic is a more specific and important subject that requires expertise, there has been a record-breaking  increase in the number of participating countries and participants. The theme of "Determination of the Principles and Procedures of Defense Industry Cooperation for the Islamic Union" was discussed.

More than 200 participants from 45 countries participated. In addition, many sensitive citizens from all over our country followed the congress with curiosity. The excitement in the congress halls during the congress was worth seeing. This curiosity and excitement was an indication that the work on behalf of the Islamic Union was adopted by the grassroots...

The fact that a civil initiative was addressing the Defense Industry Production theme in such an organization and the participation of many interested and knowledgeable people from 45 countries must have disturbed someone. At the same time, different people from different countries and regions, with different characteristics, took part in the same common choir like the Town Musicians of Bremen. Although they seem to be people of different worlds, by taking part in the common choir, they show the same reaction and they try to change the agenda... By discrediting General Adnan! They tried to overshadow the developments on the way to Islamic Union...

These musicians were no stranger to us. On February 28, in Gezi, and on July 15, they were acted in the same script and but as different musicians.

Even though it was not related to the subject, they suddenly brought the issue of Mahdi to the agenda... The agenda in Turkey changed in a short time...

Who are in the choir...? An agency operating on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, Vatan party members operating on behalf of the nationalists, the 20 borrowed IYI Party members who are MPs from CHP, columnists from the flagship newspaper of February 28, ODA TV members, professors under the auspices of FETO and etc...

Do you think it may be a coincidence that they express the same common reaction and with the same common words, despite having different spirit, different duties and different mentalities? ...

In short, a joint order was given to manipulate a common will that might occur among the Islamic Countries, and the new musicians got to work on behalf of their leaders.

They will not succeed... They will not be able to change the agenda...

I hope that you will approach the issue of Mahdi, which is currently on the agenda of Turkey, from this corner and do not lose sight of who is playing a role in the project on behalf of whom. Stay with love...

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