Tuesday, 04 May 2021 15:45

Press Release Regarding ODA TV False News

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Glorious Turkish Nation!

Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center-ASSAM continues its work by laying the stones in detail on the difficult road that will lead to unity and solidarity for our country and the Muslim geography.

On this occasion, it is a fact that ASSAM is targeted by dark circles that want to defame its activities and play into the hands of the western imperialist system.

Our vice president, Mr. Gürcan Onat, who caught the Covid-19 disease, which our country and the world are suffering from, shared an article from his personal social media account in order to share his feelings reflected on his mood with the severity of the disease with the public opinion and to explain the severity of the disease to our great nation.

However, ODA TV, which attempted to defame ASSAM and the ASSAM's mission by ignoring the main theme in his post and bringing a small and individual issue in the content of the article to the headlines, has embarked on a new smear campaign.

Showing our Ministry of Health and healthcare professionals, who have been an exemplary struggle for the world and our country since the first day of the pandemic process, as if they were the target of ASSAM is, to say the least, an intentional and malicious action.

ASSAM is aware of the devoted work of all our healthcare professionals, especially our Minister of Health, Honorable Doctor Fahrettin Koca, and is proud of this achievement in everywhere.

The headline news of ODA TV certainly does not reflect the views of ASSAM.

We invite ODA TV to apologize to our Great Nation and the ASSAM for this news.

We once again appreciate and congratulate our Ministry of Health for their devoted and exemplary work that sets an example for the whole world. ASSAM and its community will always stand by our Ministry of Health.

Respectfully announced to the public.


ASSAM Board of Directors

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