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Israel-United Arab Emirates Normalization Agreement

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The UAE-Israel normalization agreement, announced on August 13, 2020, has taken its place on the stage of history as the 2nd betrayal of the United Arab Emirates, which supports Trump's “Deal of The Century”, echoing in every corner of the Islamic world.

This rapprochement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel arose on the hatred of Iran, which was intended to be created after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and played an active role in its arrival today.

This was not, of course, the only reason that pushed the United Arab Emirates into the process of normalization. We may also add the following articles to the reasons;

  1. To be in regional conflict with Saudi Arabia and to gain position against it and desire to open space for him in the region in a commercial and geopolitical sense 
  2. A desire to participate in the same axis with Israel and gaining power against countries with regional and global influence, such as Turkey and Iran,
  3. Along with this agreement, like some Arab countries, the desire to get closer to the United States by making concessions and to buy weapons systems suitable for the technology of the era, especially the F-35,
  4. Desire to stop so-called Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

However, Netenyahu, who is happy to be recognized by a new country in the region, despite this agreement, against any purchase agreement that will reduce Israel's military superiority in the region, and in this context, to F-35 purchase of the United Arab Emirates  from the United States. Israil also opposes and states that the annexation in the West Bank is not permanently stopped. These negate the United Arab Emirates' expectations for this agreement. 

Naturally, there have been reactions from many parts of the Islamic world to the normalization agreement reached between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The common denominator of the reactions can be considered as betrayal of the Islamic world through the Palestinian cause, increasing Israel's regional power and damaging the goals of the Islamic Union.

Subsequently, Saib Ureykat, Secretary General of the Executive Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization, called on the Arab League council to remember their responsibilities regarding Palestine and stated that they did not recognize the normalization agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel..

As it can be understood from here, for a long time, the Islamic world has been quite insufficient to show common reactions to issues against itself. In this context, in order for these countries to exhibit joint action, they should take their Muslim identity into consideration and act accordingly and support the formation of a union that will provide this.

This attitude of the United Arab Emirates shows that the solution of the problems between the Islamic world and the 3rd States can only be solved by the union of Islamic countries. In short, the presence of an Islamic Union in the region is essential and in fact all these developments push the Islamic countries towards clustering around this union.

In short, the presence of an Islamic Union in the region is essential and in fact all these developments push the Islamic countries towards clustering around this union.

Do not forget that Islamic countries will reach the help of Allah by forming a defense union against their common enemies.


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