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Military Defense System of the Islamic World (September 13, 2014)

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The Islamic world does not have a common defense system. Defense systems on a country basis are configured, trained and equipped by about seventy companies based in Europe and the USA. Therefore, Islamic countries do not have defense strategies, industries and institutions based on domestic and self-resources. Is it conceivable that a defense system organized by European and US companies, which is entirely under the technical control of these companies, is independent of the political, sociological and military strategies of Europe and the United States?

In this regard, the structuring of the Bosnian army is a tangible example. After the end of the Bosnian war, a Western Defense Consultancy Company sought to restructure the Bosnian army. Bosnian authorities have declared that they do not accept this offer without reference of Turkey. The company provided a symbolic Turkish official observer to provide this reference and got the job. I personally heard from Adnan Tanrıverdi, a Retired General who went to Bosnia after the structuring activity was over. He declared that while Mountain Commando units should be established in the mountainous parts of Bosnia, Armored units were established and this configuration was not intended for the defense of Bosnia, but for structuring the Bosnian army as a defense industry market. Based on this example, we can estimate how functional the armies of Islamic countries structured by European and US companies are.

This situation led to the idea of establishing an international defense and consultancy company in order to ensure cooperation in the Defense Industry between Islamic countries and the creation of common defense opportunities against external threats directed to the Islamic World, among the soldiers who are members of the Turkish Armed Forces and gathered under ASDER. In fact, establishing this company turned out to be the responsibility of retired TAF personnel, who are experts in the service areas provided by European and US companies, to put this potential into the service of Islamic countries. The distinguishing feature of this company from other Western companies is that it ensures that the Islamic countries are structured in accordance with their real defense needs, without the abuse we exemplified. The construction, configuration, training and equipping of defense facilities, the construction and operation of the maintenance and repair systems of weapons and equipment will be based on the own human and technological and cultural resources of Islamic countries, especially Turkey.

Established in 2012 with these thoughts, SADAT (International Defense and Consultancy Inc.) has been continuing its activities with the projects it offers and one-on-one initiatives by participating in defense fairs held in Islamic countries since then. However, the existence of such a company of Islamic origin in neither Islamic countries nor Turkey is unthinkable. In the attempts made in the context of establishing the legal infrastructure of the company, we encountered very strange reactions. Such a company had no equivalent in our legislation. The company started to face obstacles starting from the establishment formalities. Moreover, some provocateur broadcasters have made the subject of deliberate propaganda that exposes the company to accusations such as "a terrorist training camp." However, no functional promotional support came from any conservative media for the company.
Despite all these obstacles, the company gained its legal identity. However, the legislative gap continues in terms of providing training to the military and security institutions of Islamic countries. In the attempts made in order to fill this gap, the company was responded with a recommendation that "if there is a demand from foreign countries, you can operate in the territory of these countries by going there".
European and especially US companies continue to build, train and even command the armies of Islamic countries with the legal and political support of their respective states, establishing and equipping their facilities. The function of the defense systems of Western actors is no more than the defense of local regimes, not countries.

This article was published on September 12, 2014 in Yeni Asya Newspaper.

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